Wednesday, 28 December 2011

REVIEW: mac ice delights eye bag- gold

Today I'm going to review this beautiful kit from mac! It contains an eyeshadow duo, a technakhol eyeliner a zoomlash mascara and a 275SE brush! it all comes in a silver makeup bag.
The eyeshadow duo contains 'baby, it's cold outside' and woodsmoke eyeshadows although the lighter shade reminds me more of a veluxe pearl. baby, it's cold outside is a beautiful light buttery vanilla shade with a lovelu sheen to it, and no glitter which makes it perfect for a browbone highlight. Woodsmoke is a dark forest green colour with a brighter green reflect, it reminds me of club eyeshadow which is in macs permanent line. Its great as a crease colour and would be amazing for a dark green smokey eye!
                               Baby, it's cold outside- Woodsmoke
p.s sorry for the watch mark on my arm!

The 275SE brush is a travel sized version of the regular 275 brush, i was expecting this brush to be a bit scratchy and not great quality but it suprised me, its actually very soft and applies crease colour very well! I have used this a lot to apply woodsmake into my crease and then use my 226 for a bit more defenition and i love it!   
The technakhol eyeliner is in the shade brownboarder and is a nice deep browm colour, prior to getting this set i was actually looking for a brown eyeliner so I'm so glad i got one in this set, it's very soft and well pigmented and stays on well even in the waterline. Its softer than a black and i can see myself using this a lot for school.

I have not yet tried the mascara as I'm waiting to finish my current one, i will post a separate review once I have tried it :)

Overall i love this set and highly reccomend it! I also think that the colours would suit most skintones.
Thank you very much to my aunty for such a wonderful gift xx


  1. I like the pallet, but it doesn't look very pigmented, or is that just the picture? Nice blog!

    1. thankyou! and it is pigmented in real life so i think it might just be the picture :)

  2. Lovely eyeshadows! Seeing as you love Mac eye shadoes Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick and Eyeshadow give away, you could win a Mac lippy and shadow in the colours of your choice :o) I would love for you to enter


  3. such a beautiful post honey
    congratulations =)