Sunday, 16 September 2012

NOTD- Models own pink fizz!

This glitter nail polish is one of the most beautiful that I have seen! It reflects the light in the most amazing way and is opaque in one coat if using a base colour underneath or two if using on its own, which is almost unheard of in a glitter, especially one with a clear base! The formula is faultless, it applies evenly and lasts for weeks without the slightest sign of chipping.

I got mine on offer in a set of three with Juicy Jules and Thunder&Lightning for only £5 but normally it costs £5 on its own, which is still a bargain considering the quality. You can buy it here
Is it me or do their new mirrorball collection look to die for?!

Anna xx

No7 Match Made Foundation Service Review!

After watching Lisa Eldridge's video explaining the new No7 match made foundation service I knew that I had to try it out, so off I popped to boots to get my self matched. I took a questionnaire and found that both the Stay Perfect and Beautifully Matte foundations would be suitable for my needs and skin type-  medium coverage with oily, acne prone skin that seems to make any foundation look like an oil slick within hours! I chose the Stay Perfect since I did not fancy the heavy coverage of beautifully matte for everyday use.

The assistant then took out the little gadget and removed any make-up off my jawline, she then pressed the machine to the side of my face and waited for it to click before doing the other side, its a quick and painless experience just as I had been assured. I then received a generous sample of the foundation , in the shade Calico if you were wandering, and was genuinely ecstatic when I realised that for once in my life I had exactly the right colour for my skin!
The colour itself is actually rather grey toned instead of the yellow toned ones which I am normally matched to which all though look a million times better than pink toned foundations, still do not quite look right. I am not quite sure if this is my perfect foundation, but there will be a review up shortly so I will explain more then. What I love most about this service is that once you know your perfect shade of foundation, whenever you go into boots you can swatch your matched shade on your hand and then explore the rest of the brands of foundation to see whether any of them come close, so you will never need to buy the wrong shade again! I know this will save me a ton of money so even if there is not a No7 foundation which suits you, never again will you have to endure that tell-tale tide line around your jaw.

Anna xx